Join us for a virtual webinar with printmaker Matt Brown. Matt will deliver a talk on ‘The Energy Theory of Color”This public talk will discuss the exploration of the nature of visual thinking and visual perception and will cover Matt’s approach to how he uses color in his hanga method of wood block print making, as well as how he mixes colors, looks at art, judges food, and makes decisions in living life.

*NOTE: this is a virtual lecture. If you would like to join us please email us for an e-vite!


A summary in Matt Brown’s own words about his talk, The Energy Theory of Color:

Two years ago Prof. Ming Meng and I met and began conversations on the subject of visual thinking. Prof. Ming Meng is a professor of psychology specializing in visual perception who used to teach at Dartmouth College. This Spring, through a set of coincidences, Prof. Meng and I engaged in a fuller exploration of tour dialogue. Ming and I are now 75 pages into a book project called The Energy Theory of Color.  We have been doing weekly and bi-weekly Zoom discussions with others on the topic, a conversation built around questions of the nature of visual thinking and visual perception.   

Ming and I combine two very different ways of looking at our shared visual experience, the viewpoint of the scientist and the viewpoint of the artist.  Our dialogue has been fascinating for us; we are seeking ways to share some of what we’ve come up with.


The talk and the book will cover subjects such as:

Energy and Color,
Color Constancy,
Sensory Fading,
Predictive Coding,
Theory of Mind,
Ventral and Dorsal Pathways,


To get a short video preview of the lecture and book, click here and here to watch a couple short snippets!


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